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Evaluation Of The Limb Loss After Electrical Burn Injuries: Experience Of A Burn Center At Aegean Region,turkey, Vol. 2, Issue. 2, 75-83. PDF

The Effect of Bone Mineral Density on Functional and Radiological Outcomes in Conservatively Treated Distal Radius Fractures , Vol. 2, Issue. 2, 58-65. PDF

A comparison between decade ago and nowadays on duration of untreated psychosis and its individual influential factors , Vol. 2, Issue. 2, 68-74. PDF

Amlodipine-induced myoclonus with subsequent physi, Vol. 2, Issue. 2, 52-57. PDF

A Rare Photo of Paradoxical Microbubbles Crossing during Transesophageal Echocardiogram (TEE) in undiagnosed ASD presented with stroke, Vol. 2, Issue. 2, 66-67. PDF