Archive / VOL:1 ISSUE: 4

Major Historical Development of Vaccines: a quick View, Vol. 1, Issue. 4, 93-95. PDF

Comparison of clinical results of open and laparoscopic appendectomy in the treatment of acute and chronic apendicitis in pediatric patients , Vol. 1, Issue. 4, 104-116. PDF

Physical Inactivity and Clinical Cardiovascular Impact -Updating Narrative Review , Vol. 1, Issue. 4, 123-143. PDF

Higher BMI and Smaller Grey Matter; Association of Obesity with morphological changes in Brain., Vol. 1, Issue. 4, 101-103. PDF

Rizatriptan-Induced Coronary Artery Spasm, Hypertension, and Sinus Tachycardia was Reversed with 5-Dinitrate; a case report , Vol. 1, Issue. 4, 96-100. PDF

A Long-Term Impact Study of Bacterial Outbreak Using Control Chart-Risk Assessment Combination, Vol. 1, Issue. 4, 117-122. PDF