Archive / VOL:1 ISSUE: 3

An Overview on Parotid Gland Masses: Surgical Experiences, Vol. 1, Issue. 3, 83-89. PDF

Pineapple consumption decreases hematuria as a result of urinary tract infection, Vol. 1, Issue. 3, 90-92. PDF

Atypical Presentations Of Thyroid Cancer: Analysis Of Forty - Eight Cases From A Tertiary Hospital In Cameroon, Vol. 1, Issue. 3, 68-78. PDF

Pre-pubertal juvenile nasopharyngeal angiofibroma with intracranial extension, Vol. 1, Issue. 3, 53-57. PDF

Intraoperative Blood Salvage and Re-transfusion For Ruptured Ectopic Gestation: A Case Report and Review of The Literature, Vol. 1, Issue. 3, 58-67. PDF

Large Thyroglossal Duct Cyst With Atypical Endolaryngeal Presentation A Rare Entity., Vol. 1, Issue. 3, 79-82. PDF